PITC Institute Merit Scholarship

With the mission to provide financial support to motivated new PITC Practical Nursing (PNAST) students, furthermore, to help fill the urgent need for qualified Practical Nurses throughout the Philadelphia PA and surrounding communities, PITC Institute is offering the PITC Institute Merit Scholarship.

The PITC Institute Merit Scholarship develops to further shine the spotlight on academic excellence and dedication to healthcare.

The PITC Institute Merit Scholarship is available to all new Practical Nursing students who are enrolling in PITC Institute.

This scholarship award is for $1000 for each approved applicant.

PITC Institute merit scholarship empowers education

The PITC Institute Merit Scholarship will be awarded as follows:

Award recipients will receive this $1,000.00 scholarship award in two parts:

  1. $500.00 awarded in term two(2) of the Practical Nurse program upon successful completion of Term One with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  2. $500.00 awarded in the last Term upon successful completion of Term Five(5) with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the previous terms of the Practical Nurse program.

In order to remain eligible for scholarship award student must successfully complete all scheduled classes and may not withdraw from any classes or take a leave of absence from school during their program.

Apply for the PITC Institute Merit Scholarship.

Why choose PITC Institute?

PITC Institute is a career school offering an accredited Practical Nursing program, located in Wyncote, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This is a specialized program where you can achieve PN Associate in Skilled Technology Degree (AST).

After successfully completing the PN AST program, you are eligible to appear at the PN-NCLEX examination. Passing the NCLEX exam will earn you an LPN, the Licensed Practical Nurse.

PN Associates in Skilled Technology

We offer a full-time day program, and a part-time evening program, for your convenience.

PITC Institute is in existence since 1998, one of the oldest schools to offer a PN program in our region.

We have graduated hundreds of students who are now practicing as LPNs in long-term care facilities and hospitals in the greater Philadelphia area.

PITC Institute PN AST program has the distinct advantage of an all-rounded education that includes several General Education courses.

This expanded program provides skills in nursing as well as knowledge in a variety of subjects, such as Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and others.

These are highly desirable skills for employers that contribute to the advancements in a nursing career.

You can learn more about our Admissions Process and also about our Practical Nursing Program on our website.